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Our History

January 2000 The Super Investor [Aust] Pty Ltd launches Australia’s first online newsletter Marketmad.com.

March 2004 we launch Invest4Profit.com which runs until 2008 and is Australia’s most successful newsletter.

February 2009 The Super Investor website is launched for serious investors and self-managed super funds.

January 2010 we publish the ground breaking best seller Stock Market Strategies That Work In Australia.

August 2014 we launch our most successful algorithm.

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Who is Paul Nojin?

The Super Investor was founded by Paul Nojin, a former professional trader at the iconic investment bank Bankers Trust, the alumni of which is a who’s who of Australia’s most successful investors and traders of the last 30 years.

Paul started Australia’s first online newsletter and he also published Australia’s first book on quantitative investing.

In 2009 he launched The Super Investor membership to serve the needs of serious investors and self-managed super funds with a stock market strategy that is both responsible and proven.

The Background

The evidence suggests that over 70% of investors underperform the market each year, including the so called professionals. When it comes to long term investing the percentage that fail is even higher.

As just one example, in the 10 years to 2016 the average annual return of self managed super funds was just 4.8%.

In terms of the professionals, in the 5 year period ending 2016 a study by Dow Jones S&P found that 84% of active fund managers underperformed the index.

The fact is that the financial services sector is full of liars, cheats, and delusional egos. Deception is common and disappointment for consumers is par for the course.

The Super Investor exists to provide positive and proven investment leadership for serious investors who wish to select their stock market investments based on responsible and sustainable strategies.

Who Is It For?

The Super Investor membership is for serious long term investors and in particular is perfect for self managed super funds.

If you wish to invest in a proven and low risk approach we have exactly what you are looking for.

The Super Investor is for serious, sensible and responsible investors who are as concerned about risk as they are by returns.

What Is It?

Members of The Super Investor are guided by Paul Nojin with site updates posted twice a week.

The main benefit of membership is exclusive access to The Top 10.

The Top 10 is a list of 10 companies selected from the ASX 100.

The Top 10 is a model portfolio that members follow in their own portfolio. If we take a stock off the list you sell that company and replace it with the company that is added to the list. The list is always 10 companies.

Because The Top 10 is comprised of the biggest and most stable companies in the market it is a low risk approach to investing.

In addition to The Top 10 list of recommendations the members of The Super Investor are also updated twice a week on Paul’s views on the outlook for the index. These updates also include the prospects for the market leaders such as the banks, and the names of the best growth stocks among the smaller end of the market.

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"Hi Paul, I would like to thank you for all your excellent information over many years [14 in fact]. Last year, like others, was fantastic. I have had another very successful year."


"I am very happy with your service and have made good profits on your recommendations."


"All in all a brilliant year. Thank you. Following your recommendations meant I achieved a far superior result to what I would have achieved had I tried to guess my own way through the market."


"Hi Paul, Thanks. Really appreciate what you offer."


"My accountant has now joined The Super Investor!!! Keep up the good work."


"WOW. Your service is well worth the money."


"I am very happy with the advice you are supplying. Many thanks and congratulations on your 2017 picks."


"Thanks for your service. The overall results were excellent."


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Who is Paul Nojin?

Paul Nojin started his career as a trader at the iconic investment bank Bankers Trust. He launched Australia's first online newsletter in 2000...
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