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For optimum outcomes investing and trading in the stock market it is necessary to consider the market from ALL angles.

That means to be a successful investor or trader we need to consider the trend, the value, the growth outlook, and the quantitative ranks.

The Super Investor offers an exclusive Membership service provided by Paul Nojin that accounts for ALL these factors, and includes:

1. The Top 10 Portfolio

The Top 10 is a list of 10 stocks selected from the ASX 100 by a proprietary algorithm that is based on a proven approach to long term investing. The Top 10 list is a powerful investment strategy for longer term investors and is suitable in particular for Self Managed Super Funds SMSF that want a responsible investment strategy, one that is objective, and therefore consistent and sustainable, as well as proven.

2. The Top Growth Stocks 

The Top Growth Stocks are the fastest growing small cap companies that are trading at reasonable value, and Paul tracks his top picks in every update, providing his views on the value, the trend, the target, and the optimum entry levels.

3. The Market Leaders

Market leaders such as the banks and big cap miners are covered by Paul in every update. This coverage is relevant for both investors and traders. Key Levels are highlighted which also empowers options traders to know the optimum entry and exit points for their trading.

4. The Index Outlook

Irrespective of whether you have a tactical or strategic approach, your overall view on direction is critical to your success in the market, and Paul provides his analysis and views on the outlook for the major indices in every update. 

There are 2 updates per week, Sunday [major] and Wednesday [minor].

Join today and experience the difference following Paul Nojin.

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Or register instead to get an online copy of Paul's book Stock Market Strategies That Work In Australia and to be on his free report list.

The book is an invaluable guide regarding the effectiveness of various stock market strategies, while the free reports will demonstrate what to expect as a Member. 

We have proudly featured in …

Interesting Fact #1 ...

Bankers Trust alumnus and trader Paul Nojin started Australia's first online newsletter in January 2000.

Interesting Fact #2 ...

Stock Market Strategies That Work In Australia by Paul Nojin was the first book published in Australia showing the historical investment performance of the main stock selection strategies in the Australian share market using the FactSet Alpha Tester, the world's leading platform for quant based stock market research.

Interesting Fact #3 ...

Despite not advertising at all, and receiving only minor media coverage over the years, Paul Nojin remains arguably Australia's most successful newsletter publisher and stock market adviser, flying under the radar, but helping thousands of Australians day after day to achieve a better result in the market, by providing ethical and expert investing and trading strategies and advice.

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