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The Background

The evidence suggests that over 70% of investors achieve poor results and underperform the index each year. Over the long term the failure rate is even higher. Self managed super funds have a very poor track record. In the 10 years to 2016 the average annual return of self managed super funds was just 4.8%. The professionals fare no better. In the 5 year period ending 2016 a study by Dow Jones S&P found that 84% of active fund managers underperformed the index. The fact is the majority of investors achieve disappointing results.

Who is The Super Investor?

The Super Investor exists to provide prudent investment leadership for people investing their life savings or self managed super fund in the Australian share market.

The Super Investor was founded by Paul Nojin, a former futures trader at the iconic investment bank Bankers Trust, the alumni of which is a who’s who of Australia’s most successful investors and traders of the last 30 years.

In 2009 Paul launched The Super Investor membership to serve the needs of investors with an approach to share market investing that delivers better results with less stress.

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What You Get!

The main benefit of membership is exclusive access to our recommendations for investors. In addition Members are updated weekly and as required on the outlook for the index and overall market. Your updates also include the prospects for the market leaders such as the banks plus the names of the best growth stocks. The Super Investor is for investors who want a proven, responsible and low stress approach to investing in the Australian share market.

"I am very happy with the advice you are supplying. Many thanks and congratulations on your 2017 picks."

Paul Welsh

Member since 2006

"Thanks for your service. The overall results were excellent."

Martin B

Member since 2005

"My profits are incredible. I love everything about The Super Investor and cannot recommend Paul and his services more highly."

Warren Holt

Member since 2004

"My accountant has now joined The Super Investor!!! Keep up the good work."

Robert G

Member since 2006

"Hi Paul, Thanks. Really appreciate what you offer."

Peter Green

Member since 2015

"All in all a brilliant year. Thank you. Following your recommendations meant I achieved a far superior result to what I would have achieved had I tried to guess my own way through the market."

Andrew Curtis

Member since 2005

"WOW. Your service is well worth the money."

Robert Adelman

Member since 2004

"Hi Paul, I would like to thank you for all your excellent information over many years [14 in fact]. Last year, like others, was fantastic. I have had another very successful year."

Phillip Lindsay

Member since 2004

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Who is this for?

The Super Investor is suitable for investors who want a responsible and low stress approach to investing in the share market.
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