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Presented by Paul Nojin 

Starts July 8

Hello, I’m Paul Nojin

I’m very pleased to announce that on July 8 I will launch a 12 week Mentoring Program for investors.

If you would like to learn the skills and knowledge you need to be a successful investor this program will deliver in spades.

Over 12 Weeks 

The program is over 12 weeks and is delivered online.

There are no fixed times you need to be available. You watch the videos and read the lessons when it is convenient for you.

If you are managing your own investments this program will empower you to achieve better outcomes for life.

If your goal is to have a successful career with a bank, broker or fund this program can also provide that platform.

I am very confident that you WON’T find a better training program for investors in Australia.

This Time It’s PERSONAL!

The last time I offered a training program for investors was 2009.

So, why now?

The reason is that a close family member has taken an interest in investing and has started working with me here at The Super Investor.

I am very keen [absolutely determined] to provide her with training that will hold her in great stead for the rest of her life.

I intend to qualify her and everyone else who participates in this program as highly informed and intelligent investors.

In a nutshell I intend for this mentoring program to be the most outstanding training program I have ever delivered.

The Best Investment Is Knowledge

Why do so many investors fail?

The reason is, people underestimate how hard it is to succeed and then tackle the task unprepared.

People who fail tend to make ad hoc decisions, follow random tips and invest without cohesion.

If you expect to succeed you need to know EXACTLY how you will invest. You need proven strategies.

You need to know how to minimize risk and optimize reward.

You need to know all the little things that matter.

This program will provide you with the information you need if you wish to be a successful investor.

The Background

In late 2008 my former colleague Matthew Brooks and I created a 400 page training manual for investors that we released February 2009.

My mentoring program is built around that training manual.

Matthew is of course now one of the top analysts at Macquarie Bank.

I have no doubt it is only a matter of time before he is considered Australia’s number one institutional analyst.

We did some great work together back then and this comprehensive training program is as good as any of it.

As I say, I’m confident you will NOT find a better training program for investors in Australia.

I worked with Paul at Bankers Trust almost 30 years ago and again recently with The Super Investor. Over my career I’ve had the privilege to work with many high achievers, some with rare and incredible abilities. I rank Paul’s market nous and knowledge up there with the best of them. His training programs in particular are exceptional. I have not seen better.” Craig Bartlett

What you get …

The program is comprised of lessons and videos.

There are 50 lessons which total more than 400 A4 pages.

I post the lessons during the week. You read these at your own convenience.

If you have any questions you send them in to me.

Then each Sunday for the 12 weeks I will post a video answering your questions.

This program will provide the training you need if you wish to be a knowledgeable investor.

There are 10 modules in the program …

Introduction to Investing for Beginners

Asset Allocation

Company Analysis

Selecting Stocks

The Big Picture

Price Analysis and Trends

Building Your Portfolio

Things You Need To Know

Advanced Tools and Leverage

The 10 Steps To Success

“I am an investor with my super fund. I have found Paul’s videos amazingly simple and very helpful. His well paced delivery allows me to keep up with the topic and the graphs clearly indicate the points Paul is making.”
Michael Rodey

Join for one payment of $4,400 or three [3] payments of $1650 …

What To Expect …

You will learn to invest with proven strategies

You will learn how to minimise risk

You will learn how to select stocks using 3 different methods

You will learn how to value a company

You will learn how to recognise early if a company is souring

You will learn how to decipher the economic backdrop

You will learn about bond yields and special situations

You will learn how to interpret key data

You will learn how to analyse price trends

You will learn things that successful investors need to know

“I’ve known Paul Nojin for 26 years and in my opinion he is the best out there. I recommend his services highly.”
D. Gelder

Join for one payment of $4,400 or three [3] payments of $1650 …

Delivery and Access

The program is provided online. There are no fixed times. You read the lessons and watch the videos when it is convenient for you. The program starts July 8 2020. Your access ends July 8 2021.

Your Payment

The cost is one payment of $4,400 or three [3] payments of $1650.

100% Money Back Guarantee

You can cancel at any time up to 5 pm on July 21 and receive a full refund. There are no refunds available after 5 pm on July 21, 2020.

Now Open for Enrolment …

Join today to secure your spot for my new transformational online investor training program.

Join for one payment of $4,400 or three [3] payments of $1650 …


This is the first time this program has been offered so here are some comments relating to my training programs in general … 

“You have changed the way I look at the market. Wow, wow, wow. I found the training EXTREMELY helpful. Paul was clear, concise and easy to understand. Thank you so much.” Clement Chan

“I have always enjoyed Paul’s talks. He is very informative and obviously possesses a great deal of expertise. Paul’s emphasis on the relevant information is very good. He proceeds at a good talking pace and culls information that is not relevant. The content is easily understood.” Ross Harrison

“I like Paul’s delivery. I believe him. He comes across as understated and genuine. He stands out from the pack.” Peter Deck

“I find Paul’s presentation style easy to understand.” John Hickey

“I find Paul’s no nonsense delivery easy to follow and his content ethical and structured.” Phil Hancock

“I enjoyed Nojin’s unique style of delivery and his dry wit. He is not prone to oversell the upside and gloss over the risks as is common to most who spruik their wares in this industry, which probably explains his longevity. Please convey my gratitude to him.” Dr M Palam

“I really appreciate Paul’s work. Overall a big fan.” Andrew Curtis

“Paul has a no nonsense way of teaching that is easy to absorb.” Peter Green

“Everything he teaches rings of the truth.” Mike W.

“You are the first genuine educator I’ve come across in the last 20 years.” VV.

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